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The recommendation to contact Jeff Heiser to redo my website, is one that I will never regret. From my previous web designer, I learned what I didn’t want on my website. Here are my reasons for saying thank you to Jeff:

  1. Whenever I had a question or a concern with something, Jeff took the initiative and found an answer.
  2. My needs and his ideas for an interactive map have exceeded all my expectations. What I wanted on the map and his desire to make the map show Germany’s provinces and their capital cities, its major cities, and its neighboring countries, demonstrate his ability to fulfill "where there’s a will, there’s a way." Icing on the cake was his idea to put all the state flags and coat of arms on it too.
  3. Special kudos go to Jeff for his work on the Events Calendar. He took my ideas for putting holidays, festivals, and birthdays for famous German people on a calendar and made them work. The click on the description of the event, the holiday, or the person is very informative, and another click leads to a website for further information.
  4. One BONUS for Jeff was that I think he learned some Deutsch while he was fixing my website.

I am very pleased with the work Jeff has (completed) on my website and would recommend his expertise to anyone.

Ed Heinlein

Ed Heinlein: Owner, Have German Will Travel

Jeff designed a wonderful web site for our church. The site is user-friendly, has very nice graphics and is convenient to keep current with the ever-changing activities of the church. It is now much easier to communicate with a larger number of our members.

Jeff was also a really nice person to work with during the development stage of the site. We had numerous people providing input to the website design. Jeff had the patience to identify issues and provided sound advice.

Thanks to Jeff we now have a great web site that provides the church more visibility in the community.

I am quite pleased with Jeff's attractive modern design. It makes our web site unique. It's easy to navigate and packs all the necessary information into a single page.

Carl Bossler

Carl Bossler: Owner, Carl's Kickin' Chili

I came to Jeff Heiser after an unhappy experience with another web designer who just wanted to do a one-size-fits-all job with little attention to detail ... Jeff not only was willing to customize the site to my current and future needs, but he also diligently reacted to my feedback. I especially like the way he is adept at programming the web pages to appear on the great variety of devices that are used today for the Internet.

Jim Beidler

Jim Beidler: Owner, James M. Beidler Research

I strongly recommend Jeff as a web designer for anyone. He redesigned our old web site and we have gotten so many comments and responses that it is just over whelming. One in particular was a very concerned mother searching the web for motorcycle safety for her son's new interest in motorcycles. She was very pleased by the information she found and noted that it was informational and easy to navigate. Without the expertise of Jeff, she probably would have never found us or enjoyed our web site.

Bonnie Trego

Bonnie Trego: President, Schuylkill County Motorcycle Club

I was very impressed by Jeff. He came to our initial meeting having done research on our business sector, with ideas for a web site, and with lots of enthusiasm to help us create that website. I will recommend Jeff to anyone that is looking to build a site.

Ron Heim

Ron Heim: Owner, R & M Self Storage

Jeff did a great job on our web site. We have had many compliments on it.

Ann Balderrama

Ann Balderrama: President, Berks County Genealogical Society