1. Looney Tunes cartoons featuring Bugs Bunny make me laugh.
  2. He appeals to my rebel side.
  3. He is very patriotic. He raised more money via War Bonds than anyone else during WWII.
  4. He is multi-talented. He is smart, athletic, musically inclined, and quick witted.
  5. He uses stragedy (sometimes unorthodox) to win out over his opponents.
  6. He has stood the test of time. Over 160 cartoons feature Bugs Bunny and he has been very popular for over 70 years.
  7. He is arguably the most popular cartoon character of all time!
  8. He is always optimistic about the outcome of his conflicts.  He eventually comes out on top.
  9. He is a sucker for pretty blondes (e.g. Honey Bunny, Daisy Lou, and Lola Bunny).
  10. He has worked closely with great stars including:

In 2002, TV Guide ranked Bugs Bunny as the greatest cartoon character.

Final Note: In my opinion, both Wabbit and The Looney Tunes Show airing on the Cartoon Network™ are a step or two below the original Looney Tunes cartoons. It cheapens the true value and legacy of the great Bugs Bunny.

My Favorite Bugs Bunny Cartoon - Baseball Bugs (1945).

Baseball Bugs

Bugs, Bill Murray, & Michael Jordan in 1996 movie, Space Jam.

Space Jam Trailer

Bugs, Steve Martin, Brendan Fraser, & Jenna Elfman in 2003 movie, Looney Tunes: Back In Action.

Chuck Jones directed over 200 Warner Brother's cartoons.